Review of the documentary The Act of Killing

The Act of Killing by Joshua Oppenheimer is a documentary film that narrates the genocide of millions of communists, intellectuals and ethnic Chinese in the Sukarno regime in Indonesia in 1965-66. The film is narrated first hand by the perpetrators of the massacres, gangsters and paramilitaries who

David Icke talks about the Fukushima conspiracy

In this rare interview of year 2013, David Icke speaks in a croatian TV program about the Fukushima disaster in Japan.  David Icke mentions there is an agenda to subject humanity to increasing levels of radiation.  There seems to be evidence that the explosion in Fukushima was

Philip Seymour Hoffman and why celebrities die from overdose

People are no longer surprised when news about celebrities found dead from overdose in their apartments hit the headlines.  Philip Seymour Hoffman’s death on the other came with a bit of a shock, since he didn’t appear like the typical heroine addict who is usually emaciated and

Fighting the machine in the Amazon rainforest

The Amazon rainforest is facing one of the worst crisis in history.  It is facing a battle between the logging, agricultural and cattle raising business and the people who want to preserve the rainforest from deforestation and destruction. This large ecosystem of forest, rivers, flora and fauna